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 **Mvix supports multinational marketing operations in many countries and languages with vastly superior support. Mvix offers a range of service and    
support products to meet your needs directly and by our local network of partners. In addition, there are numerous online resources within the Mvix.net Support website that provide valuable information and instruction.

Our local partner in each country will be ready to assist and support all your questions regarding basic setup, installation, assembly, and connectivity (not including data recovery).

The Mvix Exclusive Partnership Program provides our partners with access to the full resources, knowledgebase, know how, website, web board and forum. Mvix family incorporates already international network of European companies dedicated to strengthen the brand through channels / vendors of their choice.

***Our partners in each country work with us on exclusivity basis so as to allow them to be leaders in their respective market, thus resell products and solutions, and may also provide value-added products and services as part of a solution.
We seek to work with resellers / distributors who are interested in long-term alliances and not short-term profits. Our Reseller or Distributor are not required to purchase immediate bulk quantities directly from us even though they will still be eligible at heavily discounted, volume-based, wholesale prices.

We provide localized language User interface of our entire inventory, short lead time and complete tech-support and high end web presence. Resellers are responsible for advertising, marketing and selling our products in their country. The products can be sold to the customers or other resellers/retailers. You keep the margins generated by this resale


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